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The word 'Mesopotamia' is in origin a Greek name (mesos `middle' and 'potamos' - 'river' so `land between the rivers'). 'Mesopotamia' translated from Old Persian Miyanrudan means "the fertile cresent". Aramaic name being Beth-Nahrain "House of Two Rivers") and in Arabic :ما بين النهرين .

The rivers are the Tigris and Euphrates which flow through modern Iraq. The Euphrates also flows through much of Syria.

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Brief Timeline 4000-1000 BC

  • 4000 BC - Sumerians arrive in Mesopotamia.

  • 3800 BC - Sumerians supplant Ubaidians in Mesopotamia and start cities.

  • 2800 BC - Kish, the dominant city, challenged by Lagash; Semites dominate Kish.

  • 2700 BC - Sumerian King, Gilgamesh, rules the city of Uruk.

  • 2340 BC - Sargon (a Sumerian in the city of Kish) overthrows the Sumerian king of Nippur. Sargon's new  kingdom is called Akkad; Sargon extends his kingdom to Syria.

  • 2320 BC - Sargon conquers Sumer.

  • 2230 BC- Akkadian dynasty ends.

  • 2150 BC - Nomadic Gutians overruns Akkadians and Sumer, but Sumer revives.

  • 2130 BC - Sumer regains independence from Akkadian rule.

  • 2000 BC - Hittites migrate to Asia Minor.

  • 1950 BC - Elamites from Zagros attack Sumer. They overrun the Syrian Amorites.
    Amorites go to Babylon to create colonies with Ashur as center of a kingdom that will be called Assyria.

  • 1753 BC - Ammorite King Hammurabi conquers all of Sumer. Hammurabi rules to 1750BC. His empire lasts until 1600BC, when the Kassites conquer most of Mesopotamia.

  • 1800 Kassites defeat the Babylonians.

  • 1593 BC - Hittites sack Babylon and end Hammurabi's dynasty.

  • 1365 BC - Ashur the Great, King of Assyria marries his daughter to a Babylonian.

  • 1300 BC -The Assyrians control all of Mesopotamia.

  • 1200 BC - Hittites' capital Hattusas is wiped out (plague); Phrygians move in.

  • 1000 BC - Assyrian Empire.




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